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At Lawn Kare we believe it is vital to understand what it takes to make a lawn look great. By staying informed we know how to provide top quality lawn care for your property and by sharing that information, we can work together to find solutions.
Lawn Kare Tips
  • Bermuda is a warm season grass that works well for Oklahoma lawns but still needs proper fertilization and irrigation to stay green during the hottest parts of an Oklahoma summer.
  • If you have difficulty growing grass under the canopy of a shade tree, try Zoysia grass. It is more shade tolerant than Bermuda, but, like Bermuda, goes dormant in winter so your lawn maintains the same look year round. Zoysia works well if the tree canopy is around eight feet high. If Zoysia isn't suitable for your needs, you can try Fescue grass which is more shade tolerant than Bermuda and Zoysia and stays green year round.
  • If there are brown, circular spots in your lawn, it may indicate a pest problem rather than lack of sufficient irrigation.
  • A key to a nice, green lawn is good fertilization, weed control and efficient irrigation.  
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Keeping Lawns Green During Hot Oklahoma Summers
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